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The James Bryant Group, LLC
13925 121st Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98034


P: +1) 206-909-1933



“I would like to thank you for your services, and to compliment you on your thoroughness, your candor, and your effective presentation of your findings and opinions. Your expert services on behalf of Absher Construction were a significant factor in what I considered a very satisfactory resolution of a very complicated case.”
– John F. Scott
Consultant, Aetna Insurance


“I have retained James Bryant on numerous planning assignments over the last twenty years primarily because of his exceptional ability to foresee and avoid problems. Jim has great skill in dealing with people who could cause unreasonable delays in obtaining project approval. He is diplomatic, persuasive and, above all, effective. Jim does his homework, becoming thoroughly familiar with regulations and regulatory procedures. If your project, whether public works or a private development needs someone who can take on the problems and either avoid them or find solutions, I sincerely recommend Jim Bryant to you.”
– Donald H. Laidlaw, Planning Consultant
Tucson, Arizona


“Our firm retained James Bryant in a multi-million dollar lawsuit centering upon the application of complex city ordinances and land use codes. Mr. Bryant demonstrated an immediate grasp of complex legal and planning issues, and the impact of architectural design considerations upon the outcome of the case. His work was efficient, insightful, and articulate. We would be happy to use his services again.”
– John W. Hathaway, Attorney
Edwards, Sieh, Wiggins, & Hathaway


“Mr. Bryant coordinated the efforts of three major engineering firms in the inventory and analysis of 33 separate sites for the first METRO Park & Ride Program. He was also responsible for coordinating and conducting all public hearings for 11 locations involving 7 municipalities. He demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and ability to deal with people and problems to successfully complete the approval process for this 8.8 million dollar capital improvement program.”
– Gerald A. Peabody, Jr., Manager, Consultant Services Division
METRO, Seattle, Washington


“I personally believe that Mr. BryantÕs understanding of spatial relationships is unique amongst architects. We found Mr. Bryant to possess a great deal of commonsense and ease of communication with regards to our needs and desires throughout the design and building of this project. His commitment level was measurably in his actions and we would highly recommend his services.”
– Frederick J. Davis, MD
Seattle, Washington


“But for your work with the financial people and the contractors, we would never have been able to start the project. I would be pleased to recommend you and your design team for any residential or commercial project.”
– Richard P. Beaudry, Attorney
Beaudry, Fisher, Inc. P.S.


“Your work has been particularly outstanding, both in terms of the time spent and its usefulness to the entire program.”
– James D. Braman, Jr., Director of Planning
City and County of Denver


“There is something else that makes Jim so good to work withÉhe inspires people. He grasps the essence of a situation quickly, he knows how to read people, he is very intelligent, extremely tactful, uplifting, and Jim is an innovator. His ethics are very high as are his moral standards, and he cares about peopleÑit shows in his everyday dealings.”
– Richard D. Willard
CB Real Estate